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  • The modern age brings with it the requirement for operation and storage solutions to not only allow the individual product to be visible, but also for the process within the company to always be...
    Piegādātājs: partition materials | Biroja dokumentu skapji un kartotēkas | Darbgaldi | cabinets with drawers | tool holder
  • protection foam, we offer other materials such as silicon and acrylic for structural engineering, tunnel construction, shipbuilding and rail vehicles. Our wide range of fire protection...
    Piegādātājs: cable partitioning | pipe partitioning | combination partitioning | partitioning | Ugunsdrošība - iekārtas un materiāli
  • ...bullet-resistant and fire-resistant doors and partition wall systems, right up to complete entry systems and locking systems with maximum security requirements – SITEC supplies everything from a single source. SITEC product range:...
    Piegādātājs: material locks | Iekšējā telefonija - sistēmas | turnstile | turnstiles | safety technology
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  • - The patented FRANK showcase system - The FRANK showcase system features our unrivaled slide-in technology. It requires no screws or gaskets for dustproof and airtight storage and preservation....
    Piegādātājs: Seals and packing material | transparent partitions | Vitrīnas | shop windows | glass display cases
  • CBG Composites GmbH develops, produces and sells innovative refractory, heat and sound-insulating composite building materials for various industrial applications such as Ship and offshore, civil...
    Piegādātājs: Partitions | Building materials | soundproof panels | fire protection | basalt
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