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Izmantot filtru
Izmantot filtru
  • Lachenmeier is one of the world's leading pallet packaging system and packaging foil companies. We dedicate ourselves to producing high-quality, innovative pallet packaging systems that increase...
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  • "Kopp Verpackungssysteme. It's all here." – as has been the case for many decades. It was at an early stage that Kopp Verpackungssysteme specialised in systems which pack a wide range of products in...
    Piegādātājs: film wrappers | polyethylene films | Iepakojuma hermētiskas aizdares iekārtas | packing machines | semi-tubular films
  • ...wrapping machines, bagging machines, sleeve wrappers (case packers), stretch packers and shrink tunnels. We also offer a large selection of components, including, gripper infeed systems, conveying belts, feeder systems, stacking stations and film folding...
    Piegādātājs: film wrappers | Iepakojums un iesaiņojums - iekārtas un aprīkojums | Bandrolēšanas iekārtas | welding machines for plastics | packaging machines
  • LoeschPack is the specialist when it comes to packaging machines and complete systems for packaging chocolate, chewing gum, confectionery, non-perishable baked goods, food and non-food. We flexibly...
    Piegādātājs: film wrappers | Iepakojums un iesaiņojums - iekārtas un aprīkojums | Pārtikas produktu iepakojumi | packing machines | automatic packaging machine line
  • Vai Jūs to redzat? Jūsu potenciālie klienti arī Bet, viņi neredz, ka Jūs esat labākais savā specialitātē! Iegūstiet redzamību ar EUROPAGES palīdzību
  • The Austrian company STATEC BINDER, is dedicated to providing its customers with perfect solutions for bagging and palletizing free-flowing bulk goods. Flexibility is therefore a key consideration...
    Piegādātājs: film wrappers | Inženierpakalpojumi - rūpnieciskie uzņēmēji | Pastāvīgas preču kraušanas sistēmas | packaging line | palleting robots
  • With more than 65 years of passion for technology, Olbrich consistently places great emphasis on tradition and innovation. We have endeavoured to develop groundbreaking cutting-edge technology for...
    Piegādātājs: installations for films | rotary wrappers | Gumija - iekārtas un aprīkojums rūpniecībai | Hidrauliskās preses | Tehniskie tekstili
  • Piegādātājs: Films, plastic | pallet wrappers | stretch films and wrap
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