cylindrical head screws
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  • MÜHL, based in Leopoldshöhe, is an expert company in innovative fastening technologies. Trained sales specialists can advise you and ensure fast and cost-effective implementation of the relevant...
    Piegādātājs: Screws | cylindrical head screws | cylindrical notched pins | flat head screws | Disku atsperes
  • Halfmann Schrauben is a supplier of fasteners and fastening technology with over 80 years of experience. We support customers individually through long-term partnerships, ensuring mutual benefit and...
    Piegādātājs: Screws | cylindrical head screws | flat head screws | countersunk head screws | Skrūves un uzgriežņi
  • Piegādātājs: Screws | cylindrical head screws | Skrūves un uzgriežņi | special screws | washers
  • Piegādātājs: cylindrical head screws | Stiprināšana - ražošanas mašīnas | fastening articles
  • Vai Jūs to redzat? Jūsu potenciālie klienti arī Bet, viņi neredz, ka Jūs esat labākais savā specialitātē! Iegūstiet redzamību ar EUROPAGES palīdzību
    Göteborg - ZVIEDRIJA
    Piegādātājs: cylindrical head screws | Stiprināšana - ražošanas mašīnas | customised special screws and bolts
  • Goebel is a family-run, internationally active group of companies for fastening and installation technology. We consider ourselves specialists for developing innovative and high-quality fastening...
    Piegādātājs: Screws | cross-head screws | lens head screws | Darba apģērbi un aizsargapģērbs | self-tapping screw
  • Premium product quality and personal service are the cornerstones of our production process. For many years, we have been supplying our products to big-name international companies and corporations....
    Piegādātājs: swivel heads | parallel cylindrical roller bearings | cylindrical rollers | Lodīšu, rullīšu un adatrullīšu gultņi | Monometāliskie slīdgultņi
  • CRB Antriebstechnik GmbH's portfolio of products incorporates slewing rings, rolling bearings, precision balls, machine parts and spherical plain bearings. Our premises in Leverkusen, Germany, have...
    Piegādātājs: articulated heads | parallel cylindrical roller bearings | Lodīšu gultņi | Rullīšu gultņi | Pretberzes gultņi
  • HEINRICH KIPP WERK is a manufacturer in the clamping technology, standard elements and operating parts sector. The company produces at its site in Germany using a wide range of machinery. The...
    Piegādātājs: Screws | headed dowels | swivel heads | Magnēti | Stiprinājumu materiāli
  • Production of ball bearings, AC and DC axial fans for manufacturing, stepper motors, assembled precision bearings, balljoints.
    Piegādātājs: swivel heads | cylindrical centrifuged bushings | Lodīšu, rullīšu un adatrullīšu gultņi | ball joints | axial bushings

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  • Manufacturing and distribution of connecting elements with a 3600 square metre production and warehouse area. Our customers include the furniture industry, the woodworking industry and staircase...
    Piegādātājs: threaded nuts and screws | self-tapping screws | stainless steel screws and nuts | special steels, welding, screws, nuts | cylindical head covers
  • As a family-owned company, at our Pforzheim site, we produce and sell rotating parts, standard parts and semi-finished products in the area of connection, fluid, installation and production...
    Piegādātājs: force-fitting screws | cylindrical notched pins | Skrūves un uzgriežņi | threaded inserts | stainless steel turned parts
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