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  • As part of the medium-sized group steeped in tradition, Schön + Hippelein, sh minerals GmbH is responsible for the sale of their products in Germany and neighbouring European countries. Thanks to our...
    Piegādātājs: concreting | concrete admixture | concrete aggregates | Zāģēts un apstrādāts koks | Nemizots koks
  • Bilanceria Rocca di Rocca Gianluca e C. snc has specialised in weighing since 1950: sale, installation and servicing of mechanical and electronic weighing devices.Our business offer over recent years...
    Piegādātājs: concreting | Svēršanas un dozēšanas sistēmas un ierīces | Platformsvari | scales | weighing and dosing instruments
  • Piegādātājs: Concrete products and conglomerates | concrete | concreting | beams | septic tanks
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Zāģēts un apstrādāts koks | Nemizots koks | Celtniecība - restaurācija | construction materials
  • Vai Jūs to redzat? Jūsu potenciālie klienti arī Bet, viņi neredz, ka Jūs esat labākais savā specialitātē! Iegūstiet redzamību ar EUROPAGES palīdzību
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Ceļu būve - materiāli | Gudroni un bitumeni - celtniecības materiāli | asphalting | foundation works for civil and industrial use
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Celtniecības atkritumi - otrreizējā pārstrāde | building demolitions | mobile container hire | digging and demolitions
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | concrete flooring | Tīrīšana un uzkopšana - pakalpojumi | foundry
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Būvniecības materiāli | tiles coverings | ceramics for floors | klinker floors
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Ceļu būve - materiāli | Gudroni un bitumeni - celtniecības materiāli | bitumen | foundations for buildings
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Kapitālceltniecība | Rakšanas pakalpojumi | agricultural building | civil engineering
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Māls - flīzes | Flīzes | granite floors
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | concrete-mixing systems | concreting - equipment and materials | Raktuves un karjeri - mašīnas un iekārtas | cement mixers for the building trade
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Ielu, rūpnieciskais un komerciālais apgaismojums | Sporta laukumu apgaismojums
  • Piegādātājs: Flooring, prefabricated concrete | Concrete products and conglomerates | concreting | concrete products | prefabricated buildings
  • Piegādātājs: Concrete products and conglomerates | concrete | concreting | concrete products
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Kapitālceltniecība | Rakšanas pakalpojumi | demolitions | diamond keyhole saws
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Būvdarbi - iekārtas un aprīkojums | wood cladding for new buildings | general renovation work | plumbing fittings for the building industry
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Iekapsulēšanas celtniecība | Kapitālceltniecība | Fasādes - pārklājumi | façade cleaning
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Konteineri | building demolitions | garden laying-out | deep foundations
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Durvis mājām | Paneļu mājas | Ēku restaurācija un remonts
  • Piegādātājs: Pugging, hollow concrete slabs | concreting | saws for concrete and asphalt | cutting and drilling concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Piegādātājs: concreting | Pazemes (apakšzemes) celtniecība
  • GCP Italiana offers a vast range of innovative and specialized materials and chemicals for the building trade including: technologies and fibres for concrete, products for exposed concrete, liquid...
    Piegādātājs: concrete | Speciāli cementi | Cements un piedevas | majorette performances | cement
  • We provide quality. Our products undergo continuous quality checks and are verified by a certified quality management system. They also meet particular application-specific requirements. We maintain...
    Piegādātājs: Concrete pumps | reinforced concrete | ready-mix concrete | additives to concretes | ready-mixed concrete plants
  • MHE Concept GmbH developed from an experienced property development company which had been carrying out construction work around the world since 1986. An experienced team of architects, engineers and...
    Piegādātājs: Poles, concrete | cellular concrete | porous concrete constructions | solid halls with porous concrete | Paneļu mājas
  • Piccini is the world leader in the construction of civil engineering structures and a contracting company in the electricity and maintenance sectors. It operates in 80 countries, combines the power...
    Piegādātājs: concrete pumps | construction concrete plants | concrete plants | Gatavas konstrukcijas | Celtniecības transportlīdzekļi
  • All BAIER power tools contain the expertise and experience of decades of development and design engineering. In addition to the hammer drill, the electric metal cutting handsaw and the wall grinder...
    Piegādātājs: Concrete, reinforced - drilling and sawing | wall saws for concrete | concrete core drills | steel concrete drills | Urbšanas iekārtas
  • Since we were established in 1996, we have focussed on the development of mineral surfaces. We began with a puristic collection of designer furniture that was characterised by uncompromisingly bold...
    Piegādātājs: Concrete constructions | Concrete products and conglomerates | Slabs - concrete | concrete flooring | concrete ceiling girders
  • Expanded shale is an industrially manufactured lightweight aggregate produced from natural roofing slate from the nearby Raumland Böhl quarry. Wittgenstein roofing slate is geologically classified as...
    Piegādātājs: concrete aggregates | lightweight aggregates for concrete | concrete repair | lightweight aggregates for concrete | Marmors un dabīgais akmens
  • Tillman is present throughout the entire world thanks to a network of subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg. Tillman Building Materials & Chemicals is a world leader on the...
    Piegādātājs: accelerators for concrete and mortars | admixtures for concrete and mortar | setting retarders for concrete and mortars | plasticizers for concrete and mortars | antifreeze for concrete and mortar
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