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  • We founded the trading company Meba Steel & Industrial Supplies Trade GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany, more than 15 years ago, in 2002. Our brand is now a recognised and trusted name both at home and...
    Piegādātājs: bar steel | bar steel, stainless | Tērauds un metāli | Tērauds | Šķirnes tēraudi
  • For over 80 years, Höver & Sohn has stood for unrivalled quality. Yet this does not mean that we're beating the same old drum even now – the fire of passion for stainless steel is still part of our...
    Piegādātājs: bar steel | bar steel, stainless | Šķirnes tēraudi | rings, forged | stainless steel rings
  • Space and wear parts for blasting machines. We are a leading provider of blasting machine spare parts made of highly wear-resistant cast stainless steel and hardened tool steel. In addition to direct...
    Piegādātājs: bar steel | Šķirnes tēraudi | Instrumentu tērauds | accessories for blasting systems | heat-resistant steel
  • The EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark manufactures drawn, sanded and polished bright steel using the cold deformation process and standard profiles and custom profiles according to customer drawings in...
    Piegādātājs: bar steel | cold-drawn steel bars | Tērauds un metāli - mehāniskā apstrāde | Tērauds un metāli - virsmas apstrāde un pārklājumi | Tērauds un metāli - formēšana un griešana
  • Vai Jūs to redzat? Jūsu potenciālie klienti arī Bet, viņi neredz, ka Jūs esat labākais savā specialitātē! Iegūstiet redzamību ar EUROPAGES palīdzību
  • Although rh stahl gmbh joined the market very recently, it already has quite a history which began in 2006. This was the year in which we established "Stahlkreationen GmbH", which we rebranded as rh...
    Piegādātājs: steel bars | Tērauds | slit strip | stainless steel sheets | rod steel
  • ...of flat steel and steel square bars, as well as special profiles according to design, we are distinguished by a high level of flexibility, efficiency and expertise. Our facilities, which are process-controlled...
    Piegādātājs: bar steel | bar steel, stainless | bar steel, drawn and sharpened | bar steel made from nickel-based alloys | Nerūsējošais tērauds
  • Special steels, rolled, drawn, peeled, ground, chromium plated, free cutting and stainless steel. Retail sales, suppliers: ABS, ACENTA, TATA STEEL. Give us your specifications by telephone or fax.
    Piegādātājs: bar steel | Tērauds | Konstrukciju tērauds | Šķirnes tēraudi | forged steels
  • Piegādātājs: bar steel | Tērauds | stainless steels | flanges and collars | continuous casting
  • Piegādātājs: bar steel | Tērauds | Tērauds un metāli - formēšana un griešana | steel for tools | drawn wires
  • Piegādātājs: bar steel | Metāla izstrādājumi celtniecībai | Caurules un cauruļvadi - melnie metāli | Stiprinājumu materiāli | trading in steel
  • Piegādātājs: bar steel | Tērauds | steel pipes | galvanised steel
  • Piegādātājs: bar steel | Profili un stieņi - krāsainie metāli | Alumīnija profili | dies for machining sheet metal
  • Piegādātājs: bar steel | Metalurģija - imports un eksports | steel pipes
  • Piegādātājs: bar steel | Uzņēmumu ēku celtniecība
    Cinisello Balsamo - ITĀLIJA
    Piegādātājs: bar steel | Griešana - tērauds un metāli | trade of sheet stainless steel
  • Piegādātājs: bar steel | Tērauds
    Khopoli - INDIJA
    Piegādātājs: bar steel | steel bar and section benders | Tērauds
  • ...turned parts whatever the material: stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass, PVC, whatever the industrial sector. Thanks to our machinery, namely with lathes with barloaders: Citizen A32, Miyano diameter 40 mm, CN Boley...
    Piegādātājs: bar turning steel and metals | pvc, stainless steel, steel, aluminium and brass bar turning | bar turning and machining of special steels | bar-turning | Rotas, pulksteņi un juvelierizstrādājumi - iekārtas un materiāli
  • Machining of steel bars, max. diameter 60 mm for high speed, steel alloys, stainless materials, copper, brass and light aluminium alloys.
    Piegādātājs: Mazas metāla daļas | Tērauda un metālu virpošana | small parts | mechanical small parts | small parts for precision turning factories
  • ...wide range of high-quality steel bars. We have therefore developed into an important contact for all matters concerning quality steel, catering to a customer base that is not only expanding...
    Piegādātājs: Tērauds un metāli | Konstrukciju tērauds | rod steel | cold-drawn hexagonal steel | t profiles
  • NITTO KOHKI Deutschland GmbH is a world-famous Japanese designer and manufacturer of pumps and compressors, quick-release couplings, and tools. The air compressors, vacuum pumps and liquid pumps are...
    Piegādātājs: bar turning steel and metals | Sūkņi | Kompresori | Vakuumsūkņi | Pneimatiskas sakabes
  • Joseph Martin SA specialises in high-precision bar turning of all materials from 0.5 to 20 mm in medium & very long runs. Its business covers major activities: automotive, medical, aeronautics,...
    Piegādātājs: bar turning steel and metals | machining and bar turning of special steels | bar turning | Tērauda un metālu virpošana | Mašīnbūve - pasūtījuma darbi
  • Four reasons to choose BASEDO STEEL. 1) Expertise: We are familiar with the specific situation faced by steel processing companies. No matter how high your requirements, or how different your...
    Piegādātājs: rolled steel bars | Tērauds | Instrumentu tērauds | Cirkonijs | Konstrukciju tērauds
  • GRENTE LEMAITRE specialises in the export of used metal-working machinery. We offer a wide choice of used machine tools. We always have 400 reconditioned machines in stock. Used machine tools....
    Piegādātājs: steel bar and section benders | Metālapstrādes darbgaldi | Mašīnu un rīku imports un eksports | Griešana - tērauds un metāli | Metālu formēšanas darbgaldi
  • Trafileria Lecchese SRL benefits from a number of years experience in the field of steel wire for roller springs and wire drawn bars.
    Piegādātājs: steel wire for springs in wire drawn bars | Vadi un kabeļi - melnie metāli | Vadi un kabeļi - tērauds | Vadu vilkšana - melnie metāli | Tērauda un metālu stiepšana
  • We have been meeting our customers' requirements without any problems and competitively for over 40 years thanks to our highly qualified staff. Our product range: Cropping tools, drilling tools, CBN...
    Piegādātājs: bar turning steel and metals | Frēžu asmeņi un urbji | Metālapstrādes darbgaldi - detaļas un piederumi | reamers | diamond tools
  • Energietechnik Essen GmbH – a member of the Georgsmarienhütte Group – bases its capabilities and skills on continuous research and development as well as on experience reaching back to 1811. The...
    Piegādātājs: Tērauds un metāli - mehāniskā apstrāde | corrosion resistant metals | contracted quenching and tempering | stainless steel sheets | cold work steels
  • We have been making high-quality stainless steel building components in Radevormwald since 1960. Since then, our family company has grown to around 300 employees. We have successfully specialised in...
    Piegādātājs: bar steel, stainless | Īpaša un kvalitatīva tērauda lietņi | Caurules un cauruļvadi no nerūsējošā tērauda | stainless steels | finishing work for stainless steel pipes
  • In order to enable the efficient bending of even extremely small parts and to thereby meet the requirements of our customers, we have developed a controlled bending machine tool for extremely small...
    Piegādātājs: steel bar and section benders | Liekšanas darbgaldi | Rūpnieciskās griešanas darbgaldi | springs for technical purposes | electrical contacts
  • Welcome to Metall- Folien GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We are also happy to provide you with advice. Contact us if you have questions about our product range. Our products...
    Piegādātājs: bar steel, stainless | Tērauds un metāli - mehāniskā apstrāde | Misiņš | metal foils | brass sheet processing
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