Amy Entreprise Internationale is a company whose businesses is based in Europe. We specialize in worldwide distribution. We supply food and non-food products. In particular, you can find a selection of second-hand clothing as well as dairy products, fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, spices, canned foods, beverages, condiments and plant matter. Additionally, our range extends to cosmetics and fragrances. We can also supply packing machinery and materials. We are the ideal partner for those looking for all kinds of quality products at very keen prices, if you want to become a wholeseller or plan to develop a business. Feel free to contact us, we can supply you with all the products you require. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.


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Piena produkti /  Zivis /  Gliemenes un vēžveidīgie /  Konditorejas izstrādājumi /  Konservi /  Dārgakmeņi /  Wholesaler for cleaning products /  Distribution of fruit and vegetables /  Distribution of nuts and seeds /  wines and champagnes /  Meat and eggs /  Sweet goods /  Spices and aromatics /  Cooking fats and oils /  Starches /  Distribution of non-food products /  additives and fertilizers /  seeds, grains and plants /  Plant matter /  Oil and gas /  fragrances and cosmetics /  hygiene product wholesalers /  Bulk used clothes /  animal feed /  cereals /  Distribution of food products /  charcoal /  Packing machines /  biofuels /  cement / 

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